What is technology transfer?

Technology transfer refers to the conveyance of inventions and other intellectual property rights from one entity to another under a license or sale agreement for the purpose of its commercialization.

Will TAG-Advisors assist me in finding the technology I need?

Yes. TAG-Advisors frequently locates and qualifies technologies for its clients from a number of sources, proprietary databases, business contacts, and in some situations, private companies.

What are the requirements for accepting a certain project?

All projects are subject to evaluation pursuant to a number of parameters and pre-requisites. Depending on each project’s own circumstances, we normally require a pre-feasibility study, initial market evaluation or both. For projects of a sophisticated nature, a technical evaluation is also required.

Will my company's proprietary information be protected from public disclosure?

Of course, TAG-Advisors commits itself to the confidentiality of its clients. Proprietary background technology or sensitive business information is protected through non-disclosure agreements signed with AGPRO.

How can I learn more about investment opportunities in the region?

Through our partnerships with investment boards and private investment ventures, we are continually updating our databank of available investment opportunities in our areas of operation.

Our professional team of consultants will guide you through the process of identification, selection and adaptation of projects most compatible to your business goals.

What are the advantages of partnering with TAG-Advisors?

* First and foremost, we listen to you.
* We assimilate your business goals and objectives.
* We offer a complete list of business and professional consulting services.
* We have some of the world’s most comprehensive databases of international technology brokers and consultants, expertise houses, funding agencies, and investment houses.
* Our services are provided across the Arab region and worldwide.
* We keep your best interests and your business success a priority.
* Our services are supported by over 30 years of experience and 650 multi-disciplinary, highly qualified professionals.
* We use a professional network of specialized support companies and consultants.

Would TAG-Advisors be responsible for providing all my project’s requirements, services and resources?

Absolutely, through close cooperation with our sister companies in Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization and partnership with our international partners, we are able to provide our clients with a complete list of services in the fields of, without limitation to, accounting, management consulting, training, intellectual property protection, legal services, information technology, capacity building, credit information, and legal translation, covering all of our client’s needs.

Do I have to deal with a lot of bureaucracy?

No. At TAG-Advisors, we are your sole point of contact and accountability. You will be put in contact with your project manager and they will assist you in any way you need. They will be responsible for carrying out your project from the moment of contact until successful completion of the project, planning, coordinating and allocating project’s required resources and expertise.

We also have several liaison offices around the world, capable of following up with you on the progress of your projects, and will able to assist you in any capacity you require.

How do I find expertise in my area of interest?

We have compiled a database of thousand of local, regional and intentional business consultants and expertise houses in virtually all fields.

The simplest way is to contact our head office or one of our project management officers in our offices at. Or you can simply send us an email at agpro@tagi.com.

If your queries have not been met, kindly feel free to contact us for further elaboration and we will be glad to assist you.

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