Working with clients from conception through implementation and execution.

Our strengths, derived from the strengths of our mother company, TAG-Org, are our size, diverse expertise, excellent reputation and presence in all countries and major cities of the region. These strengths were the basis for a decision to establish a project development department as part of TAG-Advisors activities with a view to maximizing the benefits of available resources and information.

Our consultants  work with our clients from the initial moment of contact until the successful implementation of their projects.

Our professional project managers are responsible for planning and managing the project from inception to completion, meeting the project’s requirements and ensuring completion on time, within costs and in accordance with the required quality standards.

TAG-Advisors functions as a catalyst and a coordinating entity, developing and maintaining relationships with foreign companies and utilizing these resources within the entire Talal Abu-Ghazaleh Organization to successfully perform the assigned tasks. Our project managers coordinate through the entire project life-cycle: from defining project requirements and ensuring availability of needed recourses to managing the project's financial goals and ensuring that all legal requirements are met.

TAG-Advisors positions itself as the clients' sole point of contact and service provider for all project needs. TAG-Advisors will conduct the project's pre-required studies, assess the financial feasibility and market potential, analyze the regulatory framework and identify project partners, among other tasks. TAG-Advisors will then coordinate, implement and execute the project, seeing it through to the completion.

Our services include:

  • Projects Implementation and Execution
  • Projects and Business Development
  • Turn-key Projects
  • Projects' Strategic Business Partners, Investors and Potential Funding Allocation
  • Financial, Technical and Legal Consortiums

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