Social development and the power of nations are closely related to technological innovation and the transfer and application of technology. Today, with modern communications and accelerated growth, there are unprecedented possibilities for technology transfer.

As a region committing itself to economic reform and modernization, the Arab world is developing into one of the most inviting markets for technology, creating an increasing demand for technology transfer and commercialization.

Technology transfer is a sophisticated process requiring substantial expertise in various areas. It is TAG-Advisors's commitment to make this process easier and more transparent for our clients by providing them with first-class mediation and consultancy services, tailor-made to meet their needs. TAG-Advisors modifies its areas of focus to be in line with each market’s demands. This is achieved through continuously screening the markets  for the latest trends in areas of our specialization so that we can identify the markets that are in urgent need of technologies and can readily absorb them .

With unmatched connectivity and experience in the market, TAG-Advisors has designed the “appropriate partner selection criteria” to help its clients reduce the risks and uncertainties often associated with transferring technologies to foreign business entities. TAG-Advisors is able to do this by gathering and analyzing information about market potentials and targeted market segments, then identifying, meeting with, and presenting to our clients the most suitable potential business partners.

Having access to a database that  comprises thousands of technologies available for trading worldwide, TAG-Advisors offers local companies wishing to expand and improve their businesses by utilizing both new and well- developed technologies a platform for trading such technologies, giving their businesses the extra edge to excel and prosper.

In order to meet the above tasks, TAG-Advisors relies on the following resources:

  • Partnerships with international intermediaries (consultants, technology brokers, chambers of commerce, industrial associations)
  • Strategic alliances with international technology transfer companies and centers
  • Proprietary database of thousands of clients and potential investors
  • Proprietary database of registered patents across the Arab region and worldwide
  • Personal connections, business meetings, workshops, specialized exhibitions, etc.

With the belief that successful planning for a technology transfer project is half the way to a successful collaboration, TAG-Advisors provides its clients with a wide range of technology transfer consultancy and complementary services, ranging from conducting feasibility studies and strategic business planning to market research and evaluation, to the preparation of operation manuals, negotiation and drafting of legal documents.

Supported by a team of multi-disciplinary professionals, TAG-Advisors is able to serve each client’s individual needs, laying the path for successful technology transfer.

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